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    What roleplay experience do you have?: Quite a bit
    How good do you think you are at roleplaying?: Pretty good
    Roleplay sample:
    Once Shin came closer, the master started giving him a huge lecture that not just anyone can join this guild, that only the ones with a passion to care for their own members, protect their own members, etc, can only join fairy tail. Shin understood completely what he meant, that not just anyone can walk in and join. So the master asked him if he was ready to get his guild tattoo and where he wanted it. Shin replied "On my heart in gray because I feel everyone in this guild is friendly and that everyone is the heart of the guild." Everyone one in the guild stood up and looked at Shin in amazement, that such a young kid can say something like a true mage at Phantom Lord would, even the master had was amazed. Shin was now officially part of the guild he always wanted to join, the Phantom Lord guild.

    [RP sample from a different site]

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