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    What roleplay experience do you have?: Many Roleplaying experience i have under my sleeve. I've been roleplay for about 2 and a half year >_> Kinda short Roleplaying Experience.

    • One Piece Roleplay
    • Fairy Tail Roleplay
    • Pokemon Roleplay
    • Bleach Roleplay
    • High School Roleplay
    • Zombie-Killing Roleplay
    • And a few other Off-Topic Roleplay

    How good do you think you are at roleplaying?: Average (Me suck at Grammar)
    Roleplay sample:

    [quote=The Amazing Roleplayer]"Ninja...? What are they?" The question don't usually appear in the Ninja Era. They know...they feel....and they sense, that they know what Ninja do and what they are. Some might wondee about it, but the word never come out of their mouth since theywill look like an idiot if they ask so. Thus, People continue live on in a Ninja Era without knowing and without asking themself what is ninja. Frequently, one would answer "People who protect the village", "People who's strong, use kunai, shuriken", "People who's fast", and all the nonsense thing. Some people even call themselves a Ninja, when he did nothing ninja-like at all. All they did is breathing, blinking, and wandering. I won't call someone a Ninja, if he's going around destroying building, killing people, doing nothing. Why so? For me...a Ninja is someone who develop hope. Some can follow their ninja way, some can't. In this Ninja Era, you think, you can follow your ninja way?

    "Yes i can!" rosed a voice out of a building, drving the bird away. "Damn, another nonsense dream again" he chuckle to himself brushing the back of his hair with his eight hand. He head right to the window, starting to open it, and look at the sun that started rise. The leaves are swaying back and forth like a dancer and the breeze of cold air flew pass him, like a new fresh day. "As beautiful as ever, the shiny bright light" said the man starting to rush outside fading away from sight.[/quote]

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