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    Post by Guest on Wed May 30, 2012 3:34 am

    Penguin Soldier x1
    Batel of the books of spell x1
    Old Vindictive Magician x1
    Silent Magician lvl4 x2
    Magical Exemplar x 1
    Breaker the magical warrior x2
    Skilled Dark Magician x2
    Magicians Valkyria x1
    Defender, The magical knight x1
    Kycoo the ghost destroyer x1
    Magical Marionette x1
    Fourtune Lady Earth x1
    Chaos Sorcerer x1
    Dark Magician x1
    Cosmo Queen x1
    Silent Magician lvl 8 x1

    Ancient Rules x1
    Bound Wand x1
    Monster Reborn x1
    My body as a shield x1
    Mystical Space Typhoon x1
    Pigeonholing books of spell x2
    Secret village of the spellcasters x1
    The grimore books of spell x1
    The hygromantei books of spell x1
    The necronomoon books of spell x1
    Terraforming x1
    Magical Dimension x1
    The torah books of spell x1

    Bottomless Trap Hole x2
    Call of the haunted x1
    Compulsary Evacuation Device x1
    Draining Sheild x1
    Magic Cylinders x1
    Magicians Circle x2
    Mirror Force x1
    Ordeal of a traveller x1
    Solemn Wishes x1

    If you have any suggestions or improvements please let me know, but if you do, please explain why it is better.

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