Note on Wager Duels


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    Note on Wager Duels

    Post by DuelLegend on Fri Nov 09, 2012 7:00 am

    To create a new wager duel, simply create a new topic and fill in the code shown. Remember to state if the duel is a match or single. The winner still earns Legendary Points in accordance to the format.

    The second player needs to agree on the wagered item(s) for the wager duel to be valid. (That duelist may desire to change the wagered item(s) first though.)

    Only the winner needs to confirm the win, if the other duelist does not respond within a day, we will assume the first player has won. Both players confirming the win helps to speed the process though.

    If a player quits mid-game, the other player must take a screenshot of the game state and a moderator will decide the outcome based on the circumstance.

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