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    Evol Deck In-Depth

    Post by songsong1 on Sat Sep 22, 2012 10:38 pm


    This is my Evol deck. I originally made one for shocka9911 but after some testing, I made a couple of changes. I'll just run through a couple of card choices.

    2 Najasho: I hate 3 because clogging with it sucks and without a card such as Evo-Force or Enemy Controller, it just becomes useless.

    1 Gorz: The deck isn't too consistent so I often find that I have a bad hand and Gorz just helps me stall for those few turns I need to. Also, the surprise factor mid to late game is very effective and Evol often run out of resources quite fast, so it helps me there as well.

    2 Guaiba: I run this over 2 Darwino or 2 Elias because I find it's more consistent and it is a stand alone card which Darwino and Elias aren't. Also, with Wind-Ups as the main deck this format, Guaiba's strength has increased as Wind-Ups will often leave small monsters on the field, especially Zenmaighty, whih I can easily attack over with Guaiba.

    1 Tsukuyomi: WESTLO ABUSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! I have no more words.

    2 Enemy Controller: Useless Westlos that have already been used and the combos it does with Najasho, great card in this deck overall.

    2 Lance: I run Guaibas and it helps protect my monsters if I have an Evolsaur sitting on the field, so I can make an xyz play the next turn.

    2 Dimensional Prison: Heroes and Dark Worlds are running rampant this format and Dimensional Prison does a good job in stopping them in their tracks. I way prefer this over Mirror Force this format.

    1 Compulsary Evacuation Device: My opponent will often Torrential my monster since they don't want to see Laggia coming out, so it lets me evade that completely. Also, it gets rid of annoying xyz monsters.

    2 Bottomless Trap Hole: I run this over Torrential Tribute because this deck runs out of hand resources quite quickly I find, and commits to the field alot.

    The Extra Deck: Pretty standard, the Vylon Disigma is to get rid of annoying monsters like Zenmaines or something and its second effect is pretty decent also. Zenmaister is for Westlo looping. Shock Master is for the cases in which I can make it, because it's just so good. Black Corn is for Stardust, Zenmaines, Maestroke, annoying cards in general. Everything else is pretty obvious.

    Please tell me what I could improve about the deck and any suggestions you have. Thanks for reading.

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