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    What roleplay experience do you have?: A ton of fourms from varying animes and genres.
    How good do you think you are at roleplaying?: I believe im on an intermediate level.
    Roleplay sample: (This is from a Naruto RPG I do, off my charcter Hikou)

    I sat on the edge of the bridge,staring off into the sky,oh that sky. The sky was almost completely clear today which was quite amazing considering they are the village of the Mist. I never really did see the unblocked skies image. I could only dream of the wonder the great sky held. I stood up and heard some rustling,the sound was barely getting to me but I could make out the sound of a muffled woman's voice. I looked over in the general direction and raised my right eyebrow to the section. "No harm in checking I guess." I thought to myself. I ran over to the area and there I saw a man behind a woman,his right hand over the woman's mouth and with his left hand he held a knife to her neck. He was licking her neck on the other side. I cleared my throat and the man stooped licking the woman's neck and looked over at me. "Get out of here kid!! And don't tell anyone you saw me or ill gut you alive! This is my business and mine only!" He was becoming enraged and I could see the hostile situation I've gotten myself into,oh well guess I'll just have to get out of it.

    "Sir please put down the knife and let go of the woman." I asked him nicely with a kind smile. "There is no reason anyone should get hurt today. None of us want that." I said,continuing to speak gently. Maybe it was my tone but the man was even more enraged. "What!?! You hurt me!? only hurting gonna happen here kid is when I twist my knife through your lung!" He yelled as he threw the woman to the ground. He charged at me and I sighed. They always wanted a fight. Why couldn't it just be a nice day to watch the sky. As he ran towards me I reached my hand back into my pouch and withdrew my kunai knife. I got into stance;my left hand,which held the kunai, was about at shoulder height,elbow bent, and the kunai was being held in a reverse grip. My right arm in the mean time just sat on my right side,as if limp almost. I got on my toes as the man approached,I was ready to face this savage man,even if I didn't want to.

    He jabbed his knife at my lung,as he promised, and I took a quick step to my right and stepped forward and swung my kunai at his throat. He was able to barely dodge the attack,thank fully, and I quickly reacted. I twisted my body and with my right arm I swung to hit his shoulder,the shoulder connected to the arm holding his knife. The man went into slight pain,not from the force but the location. I then took another quick step and stabbed my kunai into his shoulder blade,making it so that if he moved that arm it would almost surly break his shoulder blade bone. I kicked the back of his left knee with my right shin and watched him drop to his knees. "I am Hikou Inoue. Genin of the Hidden Mist. I'm gonna have to apologize for your wounds but I can't allow you to go on with your actions sir."

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