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    Sen Hanrei

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    What roleplay experience do you have?: I was in a 2 RPs on YCM, but they both died quickly. I'm currently in the RP for Nexus DA and the one for Crimson Stardust Academy. Other than that, I've tried joining a few, but they never got started. I guess there wasn't much interest in them. Yours seem to thriving.
    How good do you think you are at roleplaying?: Due to my lack of experience, I'm merely a mediocre roleplayer.
    Roleplay sample:
    Sen is flying through the air before he realized it. That was some punch. But rather than fighting, why don't we duel? Sen puts on his D-Gazer and activates his duel disk. It's much simpler than a fight. No blood and no authorities need to get involved in this.
    Fine with me, punk. You'll regret crossing me. The big guy puts on his D-Gazer and activates his duel disk, as well.
    I'll take the first move.

    Sen wakes up and realizes that it was just a dream, again. Sen gets off the couch and goes through his morning routine. He dresses for another day of work at the Academy and heads out.

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    Re: Sen Hanrei

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    Accepted, welcome to the Roleplay Zone!

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