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    What roleplay experience do you have?: NRPG.
    How good do you think you are at roleplaying?: ...I Guess im Average
    Roleplay sample:From other site) Karan slowly pulled a blade out of the teachers stomach "Ah..Such a horrible roster for are test makers..". Leaning down as The oh so unlucky teacher coughed up blood. Karan simply moved his palm as it scooped some above, Then moving it above as it slipped down his throat like a snake. Karan turned in annoyance as his blade was the appearance of a whip. Sliding behind him as a large thump sound was made. The door had closed when he stepped out. An academy student walked by as he was flung back and stabbed into a wall. Leading to a blood mess "Dont talk to me child.." He said to the boy who was on the ground. Lucky to be the slightest bit alive. Then moving his hands behind his head in a yawn. Then thinking about turning back for a drink of that blood splattered on the wall. He thought back Its not fresh.. never mind Then stepping outside

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