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    Note on articles

    Post by DuelLegend on Fri Jun 08, 2012 11:33 pm

    Hello. You're presumably reading this because you want to submit an article. If this is the case, read on!

    There are a few things to consider, otherwise your article may be rejected quickly.

    Archtype/Deck Articles: When you are considering posting your deck creation, what is the difference between an article and a deck list. Where should I post? 
    An informative deck-list will show the deck, and have a specific set of combos and explanations of how to use them. Aside from a side deck, the deck has a limited number of combos based on what is in the deck. An article explores many more combos than can be fit in the deck and should thoroughly explain how each card can be used in different situations and with different cards. An article does not need to explain commonly used cards that don't directly add to the specific deck combos (Heavy Storm, MST, Dark Hole, Dark Bribe ect.); if you would like, you can still list them though. But if your deck where those cards cause a specific combo eg. you run counter traps such as Dark Bribe so you can activate Van'Dalgyon the Dark Dragon Lord's ability, that should be stated.

    Spelling and Grammar: When writing an article, you have to maintain the quality of grammar and spelling throughout and keep it high quality. An article with many errors may not be finished by readers and so the article will be rejected unless these errors are cleaned up.

    Quality: There's nothing worse than an article with chat speak, a few words, a small picture wherein the details are too hard to see and so on. Negative parts in an article also give off a negative vibe, showing the author doesn't care about it. To avoid this, polish it up as best as you can, using BBcode where required.

    Structure: Plan the article! You're free to write it however you want, but the points or strategies you bring across should be clear and understandable. If in doubt, try to make a new tip part of a new sentence. Feel free to copy, paste and move things around until the article flows freely.

    Professionalism: Many professional article writers have a few ideas up their sleeve, and often pitch them as a series. This may be a good idea for you to rey, especially if your articles are read by many. The basic idea is to have your articles under one main title such as "Effective Dueling" but each individual article could be "Building the Best Deck", "Playing Your Cards Right" and so on. This shows care and professionalism.

    Getting Paid: You might just be doing this for fun or because you have something informative that you want to share, but we'll pay you for good articles! For every rating 7+/10 and for every like, you'll earn 10 LP. If a staff likes it 20 LP. And if a teacher or judge likes it 25 LP. Advertise your article to get more viewers, and your earnings will come rolling in!

    There are a few more notes on the top of the page when you create a new topic. Add the information shown to avoid theft by a third-party, if you want.

    Have fun with writing articles!

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