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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Post by DuelLegend on Sun Apr 29, 2012 10:19 pm

    When you're new to GOLD, it's no surprise you'll have questions to ask. However, some of the questions you're thinking of may have already been asked by other users. If the question is frequently-asked, then it makes it to this topic.

    Legendary Points
    Q: How do I get Legendary Points (LP)?
    A: This is stated in the Welcome Guide. Nonetheless, you can obtain them through posting, duelling, tournaments and other events. You could even open your own shop and sell (graphics, for example) for other people's Legendary Points.

    Q: What's the point of Legendary Points?
    A: Legendary points can be hoarded until you can buy what you need from the shopping area. Alternatively, some duels may require the stake of LP, so save them for these events.

    Q: It takes too long to gain LP!
    A: What's the rush? You get one per post, two per topic and 50 per duel win. Considering some graphics can be bought for 100 LP, that's only two duel wins.

    Q: Shouldn't 'duelling' be spelt 'dueling'?
    A: 'Dueling' is the American spelling. I'm from the UK. Thus, I use the English spelling, 'duelling'.

    Q: How do I duel?
    A: You can use a variety of programs to duel such as YVD, KCVDS or what have you. Dueling Network is something I highly recommend as many players are on it, it is free, doesn't require a download and is up-to-date. It comes down to what you and the opponent wish to use though.

    Q: My opponent cheated! HALP.
    A: Don't panic! Do you have a duelling topic set up? If so, best thing to do is post a screenshot or some form of evidence of the cheating taking place. The administrators, moderators or judges will then deal with the offender, depending on the severity of the cheating.

    Q: I just got disconnected during a tournament match because my internet died!
    A: If there were stakes (i.e: it wasn't just based on your number of wins) and this disconnection results in you losing LP, the tournament or somesuch, then redo the duel. For high-stakes tournaments where it looks like you were about to lose just before your disconnection, obtain proof of some sort of the disconnection. A screenshot of the page may do, though the proof may vary from circumstance to circumstance.

    Q: So I won. What now?
    A: Got a duelling topic? Yes? Good. Just post in it confirming your win and ask your opponent to confirm the loss. A staff member will then come along and give you your LP.

    Q: My opponent refuses to confirm the loss...
    A: Take a screenshot of your win and it will be counted in the event of the opponent refusing to comply.

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