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    blackwing's weapon  Empty blackwing's weapon

    Post by StalkerSam on Sun Jun 03, 2012 8:22 pm

    Blackwing-aurora the northern lights x1
    Blackwing-blizzard the far North x2
    Blackwing-bora the spear x3
    Blackwing-breeze the zephyr x2
    Blackwing-elphen the raven x1
    Blackwing-fane the steel chain x1
    Blackwing-gale the whirlwind x1
    Blackwing-ghibli the searing wind x1
    Blackwing-jetstream the blue sky x1
    Blackwing-kalut the moon shadow x1
    Blackwing-kochi the daybreak x2
    Blackwing-kogarashi the wanderer x1
    Blackwing-mistral the silver shield x2
    Blackwing-shura the blue flame x3
    Blackwing-sirocco the dawn x1
    Blackwing-vayu the emblem of honor x1
    Blackwing-zephyros the elite x1
    dark armed dragon x1
    caius the shadow monarch x1

    spells:(8 )
    Black whirlwind x1
    black-winged strafe x1
    allure of darkness x1
    swallow's nest x1
    against the wind x1
    dark snake syndome x1
    swords of reveling lights x1
    heavy storm x1

    black return x1
    blackwing backlash x1
    icarus atack x1
    mirror force x1
    dimensional prison x2

    so far its doing more than good , thought about posting and see what ideas pr suggestion you have
    don't be shy to post Smile

    blackwing's weapon  Samsig
    ^^ credits: DL , songy :3

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