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    Some suggestions Empty Some suggestions

    Post by Faye Fang Kaew on Mon May 28, 2012 11:01 am

    This forum is great, I love the layout and the different sections. The layout and general idea of the forum sets it apart from the other Yugioh forums.

    Because of this I feel that this forum has potential to become a lot bigger than it is. I feel that we need to find a way to bring more members here, and not just members that will come and go, we need to find a way to bring active and contributing members to this forum.

    Also, I think in the Deck Discussion area, there should be contests to make the best/most original deck and the winner would win a certain amount of points determind by the host of the contest.

    Along with the deck contests, there should be a "Deck of the week", where a team, or a single person who decides to host said Deck of the week would choose from decks posted/submitted in the past weekand choose which one is the best/most original.

    Suggestions two and three are not very viable if we are lacking in active members, so they should really not be implemented until we get a larger community.

    Edit: Also, the "forumotion" at the end of the website could really turn down the amount of members that are wanting to join because it seems like a cheap website with not a lot of care put into the site. The site itself is great, but it can come across unproffesional with the "forumotion". I know you may not want to pay money to get rid of it, but it would definitely help with bringing in more active traffic.

    Edit #2: Don't let just anyone be a moderator, best friend or not. A problem that I've encountered with forums that are just starting out is that they tend to have too many moderators compared to their member base. The current amount of moderators is fine, but I don't think we will be needing additional ones for a long time.

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    Post by DuelLegend on Mon May 28, 2012 5:19 pm

    Those are great ideas. In regards to the forumotion thing, that would require paying for the removal of advertising/links, and I don't have that money at the moment. I have about £1.30 to be exact Razz

    As for the mods thing, there isn't much of a danger of that. None, if any, of my real-life friends play the game, so the only people I can look at for being moderators are ones who are already here.

    But yes, I'll put those suggestions into some "Coming Soon" topics, mucas gracias!

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