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    Next format Mermails Empty Next format Mermails

    Post by Faye Fang Kaew on Sun Aug 25, 2013 1:33 pm

    I'll just be posting decks that I make that I think will be really good for next format.

    Monsters: 29
    Mermail Abyssmegalo x3
    Mermail Abysslinde x3
    Mermail Abysspike x3
    Mermail Abyssteus x3
    Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls x3
    Atlantean Marksmen x3
    Atlantean Heavy Infantry x2
    Mermails Abyssgunde x2
    Maxx "c" x2
    Gorz, Emissary of Darkness x1
    Mermail Abyssleed x1
    Deep Sea Diva x1

    Spells: 8
    Mystical Space Typhoon x3
    Forbidden Lance x2
    Dark Hole x1
    AByss-scale of the Mizuchi x1
    Salvage x1

    Traps: 3
    Abyss-Sphere x3

    I'm not going to do an in-depth on this because it's pretty standard and I'm sure there's like 50 of the same deck probably running the same stuff I am.

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