Karakuri-Machina: Always able to do something


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    Karakuri-Machina: Always able to do something

    Post by Marrillian on Sun Aug 04, 2013 8:17 am

    I have evolved from a pure Karakuri-abuse-the-draw deck, to a deck that I am always able to do something. I can be much less cautious, because even when my entire front line gets destroyed, with a few more special summons, I have a whole new setup. Don't worry about Maxx "C" because you should be otking before your opponent's next turn. 
    I'm not too sure about Genex Ally Remote still; I keep him in because I need to have a nice amount of tuners to ensure I'll get out my Synchros. And the Genex Ally Triforce is a nice plus.
    If you would like me to break down any combos or why certain cards are in here, feel free to ask.
    Deck Picture: As I am constantly updating the deck, it is easier for me to change the decklist then a new picture. So the picture is a few updates old.

    Genex Ally Remote x2
    Karakuri Komachi MDL 224 "Ninishi" x3
    Karakuri Ninja MDL 7749 "Nanashick" x3
    Karkauri Ninja MDL 919 "Kuick" x3
    Karakuri Soldier MDL 236 "Nisamu" x3
    Karakuri Strategist MDL 248 "Nishipachi" x3
    Machina Cannon x3
    Machina Fortress x3
    Rectan, Dragon Ruler of Pebbles 
    Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders

    Dark Hole
    De-Synchro x2
    Heavy Storm
    Instant Fusion x2
    Limiter Removal
    Monster Reborn
    Pot of Avarice

    Bottomless Trap Hole
    Compulsory Evacuation Device
    Mirror Force
    Solemn Judgement
    Solemn Warning

    Cyber Saurus x2
    Genex Ally Triforce
    Karakuri Shogun MDL 00 "Burie" x2
    Karakuri Steel Shogun MDL 00X "Buriedo" x3
    Scrap Dragon
    Star Eater
    Stardust Dragon
    Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopus
    Mecha Phantom Beast Draccossack
    Number 11: Big Eye
    Number 74: Master of Blades

    Genex Ally Duradark
    Karakuri Ninja MDL 339 "Sazank"
    Maxx "C"
    Solar Wind Jammer
    Karakuri Anatomy x2
    Machine Duplication
    Bottomless Trap Hole
    Mirror Force
    Dimensional Prison
    Torrential Tribute
    Trap Stun
    Chimeratech Fortress Dragon
    Ancient Fairy Dragon
    Number 61: Volcasaurus

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