So how's the progress?

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    So how's the progress? Empty So how's the progress?

    Post by Flying Pig on Mon Jun 17, 2013 3:30 am

    If you're interested in seeing what we've been discussing behind the scenes. Here are a few glimpses to show that we're actually working.

    For those who haven't heard, we are changing this from an academy to a guild named Guild of Legendary Duelists, or GOLD.

    New Dorm System
    To progress you will have to earn your way up through the dorm ranks, not just test into one. There will be a "experience" levels that you earn (by winning duels and beating missions etc) and once you make it to the set level, you'll move up. There also might be ways to lose experience. Mission boards will pay money and experience to people with various levels of difficulty. 

    Members can get to Intermediate immediately by beating and Intermediate or higher member in a match duel. (This counts as a normal match duel.) They will not gain any additional experience from doing this though; meaning they won't have any advantage of getting to Expert over someone who was promoted to Intermediate by reaching the Intermediate Experience level.

    New Team System
    Teams have a maximum of 10 people. (The purpose of teams are members who complete missions together (we can use reaper's team missions idea) and get to hang out as a group. They shouldn't be deadly competitive (like, we'll wipe you other teams out of existence), but we can have occasional team tournaments for teams to prove their skills within the guild. Also we can have some secret teams (their teams will have a team-only-viewable section). But either this will cost a lot of LP for the team leader, or the leader has to be a really good duelist.

    New Color Scheme
    The last important thing on the agenda is to change the color scheme (this is the basic default lame, a thousand others use scheme) We can keep the basic images, but at least change the color. We will be going with a nice gold color (perhaps the one I used for the border).

    Re-arranged the Site
    Much less scrolling!

    • Instead of dorms having their own category, they are under the Dorm Hall under the Guild Hall section.
    • Missions have been added
    • Teams have been moved to the Guild Hall
    • Events have been moved to Community (removing the forum section creates less scrolling down the page) 
    • League has been added to Duel Arena

    What should you do?
    This site is pretty vast. I am trying to cover every aspect of reform needed. But I tend to miss some stuff. So if you see something that should be fixed, please report it. 

    Also suggestions are very helpful. I haven't heard of a dueling guild before. So as far as I know this is a new idea. We're breaking ground and trying to create a successful and unique experience for our guests. We have a general idea, but you the members can help broaden and improve it.

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