Dranire RP, introduction, small plot reveal and character template.


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    Dranire RP, introduction, small plot reveal and character template. Empty Dranire RP, introduction, small plot reveal and character template.

    Post by Necruta on Sun Apr 21, 2013 1:35 am

    Introduction Dranire RP

    Dranire is a country in which every person is able to use magic till some extend. Unlike normal mages which are born into a specific element, the Dranirians are elementless and can learn different elements depending on their talent in learning and mastering magic and spells.
    They start to go to school at the age of 5 in which they learn the basics of magic, creating stuff and learning how to attack with solidified magic. This school is availible for everyone and everyone is forced to go to it. After that they a either continue their schooling in magic but it will cost a substantional amount of money each year but in return they will learn elemental magic or they are going to work and use their magic to help the soldiers, hunters or just do basic jobs for the goverment.
    There aren't many laws in Dranire exept the basic ones, don't steal/kill/rape ect. ect. However there are 2 laws that are very specific for Dranire.
    "Something isn't magic when it requires physical contact to either attack or defend".
    "Physical weapons are forbidden, if you own a physical weapon and you don't have the intention to bring it to the government you will get the death pentalty"
    Although there are magical weapons which are created around a limb as long as the limb does not touch the opponents body it's fine. But as soon as it does and the soldiers/police sees it they will immidiately arrest you on sight. After that they will bring you to the house of sealing in which they will seal your magic power away. After that they ban you for life.
    However they have made 1 exception to this rule, Kialo, since at the time he was the only one who used "physical" magic which allowed him to beat a warlock which nullified all projectiles who were shot at him. After he defeated him the government still sealed his powers however if he got new non-physical magic powers he could stay in Dranire and start a school to teach people (physical) magic

    Small plot reveal

    This RP will feature you, who is planning to attend Kialo's new FREE!!! magic school (Crystalised Essences). However because it's free a lot of people have applied. Therefor Kialo has decided he will only teach the best 16 mages (4 for each element) at his school. They way he did this was, a magic tournement in which you have to knock your opponent out.

    After you have applied and gotten a place in the school, you are allowed to learn and master 1 element: water, fire, earth or air. During your studies you will have to participate in the various magic tournements, because without the prize money they school has to close.

    Character template
    If you plan on making a character for this RP please follow this template

    Age: (somewhere between 12-20)
    Apperance:(either written or a picture)

    For magic I'll make a link from which magics you can chose from.

    I hope you guys will enjoy this RP and that it won't die soon.

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