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    Post by DuelLegend on Fri May 18, 2012 2:44 am

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      First of all, when I first came onto the portal, i was first amazed by the theme the forum has, I'm more amazed with the smoothness of the colors on the forum, the darkness of the forum is just fine and looks professional for me, for the portal, I really liked the portal structure as it looks wide even with a lot of widgets/messages shown there, seems like a busy forum even I'm just looking at the homepage, I also liked the widgets placed as it really gives me basic information on what it is going on the forum, such as news, how much activity is going on etc. Now on the forum index, it took a while before the whole index was completely loaded, I must say its because mainly with the large images the forums has, but I really like them, the uniformity of their sizes & their quality makes the index look professional! Also, I think there's no banner? That makes the forum unknown for some guests since banner represents the whole forum and its content, that would be a little unprofessional for me. Other than that, the other graphics seems to be fine for me. So for the forum activity, I say good job having all forums have posts, though some of them has only 1 posts, also, the activity seems to be fine for a starting forum, I see several forums that has new posts on it, the users activity is fine too. For the forum organization, there are some important forums that are hard to find at first glance at the index, this are the introduction & suggestions forums which is recommended to be placed on the 1st category of the forum.

      The overall all appearance of the forum is good, however the banner is a big lost to the graphics part, and some things I mentioned needs to be improved/fixed.

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