Welcome to DAL's Introductory Guide

It will help you get familiarized with Duel Academy Legends a little bit better!


About us

Duel Academy Legends is a Yu-Gi-Oh!-based community that seeks to give all duelists a better online experience. Joining this fansite will give you a reason to duel. Your skills as a duelist will be put to the test in our events as well as our Duel Arena and community. By joining DAL you will not only lean more about Yu-Gi-Oh! but you will also be able to compete in competitions, tournaments and events with friends. Yes, friends. Here at DAL you will feel like you're in a real academy; we are like a big family that value each and every member and as such we are always there for each other.



If you don't know how duelling works here, I would advise you to read the Duelling Rules. Some people have different preferences on how they wish to duel, and this can often be affected by their hardware limitations. Please respect the duelist if they cannot use their software and instead, try to use theirs. If this is not possible, then look for another duelist. It is HIGHLY recommended you use Dueling Network, as it is available online for all systems and doesn't require a download.



If you're new here at Duel Academy Legends, you will need to be tested if you want a dorm. Testing takes place here: Dorm Test Duels. You don't have to be allocated in a dorm if you don't want to be.To obtain a test, just create a topic with your name as the title and a tester will come on and confirm a time and duelling method to use. Once this has been confirmed, both you and the tester must then duel at the arranged time and when the duel is done, both players declare the result. The tester will then assign you to a dorm depending on how you performed, and perhaps even hand out a reward. If you wish to change dorm, you may ask for a retest at the same time the next month. (i.e: if you requested a test for the first time on the 2nd of April, you can request again on the 2nd of May.)



There are four dorms. Don't be disheartened if you aren't put in the dorm you don't want to be - you may get a chance to move next month. These dorms range from beginner-level to Legendary-level. They are a good place for you to post a topic about yourself and socialise with your dorm-mates. The reason that these forms are used is that those in other dorms cannot post in your dorms. If you wish to contact a player from another dorm, try using the PM system instead, or other forum areas.


Legendary Points

Legendary Points are obtained through posting, duels, events, competitions or tournaments. They can be swapped between players in the store for graphics or most commonly to purchase additional dorm tests. Please see each individual Duelling Arena for information on the points handed out for a victory, draw or loss. These may be subject to change at any time.

Thank you, and please enjoy your time at Duel Academy Legends!

Any questions, please do ask!

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